Customs clearance refers to the authorization to facilitate imports and/or exports from the Customs Area (the area of a customs station or a warehouse and includes any area in which imported goods or export goods are generally kept before clearance by Customs Authorities). It includes everything from the documentation work required for the facilitation of export from or imports into the country, assessment / provisional assessment, payment of duties to taking custody of the goods and delivering the cargo to the clients.
Customs clearance services include acting on behalf of the clients and representing the clients in the process of customs clearance.Also known as Carrying and Forwarding agents, customs clearance agents are required to register and obtain a license from Customs to engage in providing customs clearance services. Every country requires every cargo to go through a customs clearance procedure while importing and /or exporting goods /services. The rules and regulations differ from country to country making it very difficult for any importer or exporter to handle the customs clearance procedure along with carrying on the normal course of business.
  • We are providing all Logistics related services like Export/Import consultancy, Customs clearance, Forwarding & Transportation under one roof.
  • We own our CHA license no.11/976 in the name of Star India Logistics. At present we are registered at JNPT, Mumbai port and Sahar Air cargo complex.
  • We also have tie-up with Consultant, CHA, Forwarders & Transporters throughout India. Thus we can provide services to our esteemed clients on PAN India basis.
  • We are specialized in SVB Port registration, SVB order finalization and SVB order renewal for MNC who have import from their related parties.
  • We also do ACP (Accredited Client Program) registration in custom for clients who have volumetric shipments.


We all know that the Natural Resources are not evenly distributed across our geography. Due to this some countries rich in resources have rapidly developed and some countries not so rich are not so developed or are still underdeveloped.This basic difference necessitates the exchange of goods and services across the boundaries of each others.
From the perspective of any one country if any goods and services enter their territory through various modes viz foreign Land, Air and Ocean crossing the international borders of other countries then such entry is called Import for that country. Accordingly if any indigenously made goods and services goes out of their territory passing through their Land borders, Air and Territorial Water then such movement is called Export for that country. To balance such in and out movements keeping the best interest of their land every country has formed its own Trade Control Regulations which are enforced by Customs of the respective countries. This is how a country ensure smooth flow of the permitted International Trade i.e. Import & Export of commodities and services between other countries and home after complying all their specified procedures, paying necessary duties and taxes. To further ease this process and to have common customs rules across Globe, on the principles of GAAT – the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, WCO – the World Customs Organisation has made all countries a confirming member including India.
A local person or group of people who understands and having complete knowledge of all these Trade Regulations of their country, having been authorized by their Customs Department is called a Customs Broker. An ideal Customs Broker is one who has kept themselves abreast with all the Trade Regulations, having the best infrastructure and manpower to help their client in meeting all the necessary Customs Clearance Procedures Swiftly and Deliver the client’s cargo in timely manner without incurring any Detentions and Demurrages. Hence Customs Brokerage is been envisaged as a very highly specialized profession.
Being a developing country in India too there are too many Trade Rules & Regulations to be complied in International Trade. To be capable of all this as per our Customs Rules and Regulations every Broker need to undergo a qualifying examination and comply with various control measures periodically, undergo regular updation of the new notification / procedures and then only an individual or a firm shall be issued a work permit to operate as a Customs Authorized Broker in the country. Furthermore a Broker / Service Provider when complied with all the norms of our Indian Customs then such Broker / Service Provider is awarded with AEO LO status – which means said broker is reliable in terms of their service.
As a ‘Customs Authorized Broker’ here we “STAR GROUP” readily come to your help. Being a leading Broker we are operating under our own License No. 11/976 since last two decades. Since we are a compliant organization we have also applied for AEO LO status and the same is expected anytime in the near future. During this long journey our core TEAM has amassed rich and satisfactory field experience in almost all type of customs transactions. At present we have a large team of professionals and ensured that they too are having hands on expertise about all types of activities sited below.
  • DUTY PAID FOR HOME CONSUMPTIONClearance of Import on payment of Duties & Taxes
  • DUTY DEFFERMENT CLEARANCEFirst clear Imports and pay Duties & Taxes later
  • IN BOND / EX BOND SHIPMENTSPending any Import Permit / License Import and warehouse in Private / Public bonded
  • EPCG / DFCEC / ADVANCE LICENSE SHIPMENTSImport against various Duty Free Licenses
  • 100% EOU / STPI / SEZ / FTZ SHIPMENTSImport & Export from Duty Free Zones
  • EXPORT FOR REPAIR / RE-IMPORT AFTER REPAIR / WARANTEE REPLACEMENTImport & Export for Repair / Replacement avoiding double Duties & Taxes
  • FREE TRADE SAMPLES / EXIHIBITION / ATA CARNET CARGOFacilitation for smoother movement of Samples & Exhibition Goods exempting Duties & Taxes
  • PERISHABLE / REFER CARGOImport & Export of Refridgered perishable cargo
  • THIRD COUNTRY EXPORT CLEARANCETriangular / Tri country exports
  • HIGH SEA SALES SHIPMENTSBuy / Sale on High Seas
  • ELECTRONICS AND PARTSImport & Export of IT products
  • SVB REGISTRATION, CLEARANCE & FINALISATIONImports between related parties
  • COURIER CELL CLEARANCEImport of smaller parcels by courier
  • PERSONAL BAGGAGEImport & Export of personal effects
Per new initiatives announced by our very loving PM Mr. Narendra Modi our Indian Customs has also undergone drastic changes, has revamped most of the procedure to bring in the EASE OF DOING BUSINESS in India. Vide this program our Customs has announced various new procedures in customs clearance. We at STAR have deployed the best IT Infrastructure aided with Customized Software Solutions for hassle free handling of online customs clearance procedures. We also ensure that our TEAM is abreast with all the Customs updates and well versed with the new procedures so that we can handle all types of transactions and help our clients with best of the services in the industry.
At STAR we are conversant with the rules of the land and having good rapport with all the Government Departments. Our Core Strength is Experienced Team, Daily based Updation of Law, Latest Technology, Advance Planning & Documentation, and Customized Reporting. When we undertake a new client we get familiarized with all their requirements and offer a customized logistics solutions under any INCO TERMS from Door to Door / Warehouse to Warehouse Delivery. Being their logistics partner we strive to help all our clients viz. Private Trading & Manufacturing Firms / Production Plants, Trade Consultants & Exhibitors, Public Contractors, PSUs, Government Enterprises in Delivering all their cargo timely without any time delay & monetary liabilities. Many of our clients have appreciated & awarded us for our JIT Logistics Services, Safe & Sound Deliveries of Cargo and have also recommended to other clients. Today we are serving our clients from PAN India locations.



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