Custom Notification No.95

Notification No.95/2018-Customs (N.T.) dated 06.12.2018 Revised All Industry Rates of Drawback W.E.F.19.12.2018. View PDF file

Custom Circular No.50

Circular No.50/2018-Customs dated 06.12.2018 Clarification with respect to amendments to Customs and Central Excise Notifications for EOUs. View PDF file

Custom Notification No.1

Notification No.1/2018-Central Excise (N.T.) dated 05.12.2018 General Bond in Form B-17 to be executed by EOUs. View PDF file

Custom Notification No.79

Notification No.79/2018-Customs dated 05.12.2018 Amendment to Notification no.52/2003-Customs dated 31.03.2003. View PDF file

Custom Notification No.23

Notification No.23/2018-CENTRAL EXCISE dated 05.12.2018 Amendment to Notification no.22/2003-Central Excise dated 31.03.2003,23/2003-Central Excise dated 31.03.2003,24/2003-Central Excise dated 31.03.2003. View PDF […]

Custom Notification No.56

.Notification No.56/2018-CUSTOMS(ADD) dated 04.12.2018 Seeks to levy definitive antidumping duty on import of “uncoated copier paper”from Indonesia,Thailand and Singapore. View […]

Custom Circular No.49

Circular No.49/2018-CUSTOMS dated 03.12.2018 Procedure for disposal of un-claimed/un-cleared cargo under Section 48 of the Customs Act,1962,lying with the custodians […]

Custom Circular No.48

Circular No.48/2018-CUSTOMS dated 03.12.2018 Procedure for movement of goods under TIR Carnets View PDF file

Custom Notification No.78

Notification No.78/2018 –CUSTOMS dated 29.11.2018 Amendment made to Notification No.57/2000-Customs dated 08.05.2000 . View PDF file

Custom Instruction No.20

.Instruction No.20/2018-CUSTOMS dated 26.11.2018 Refund of IGST paid on export of goods done from Non-EDI sites View PDF file

Custom Notification 26 and 27

Notification 26/2018-CUSTOMS (N.T./CAA/DRI) dated 26.11.2018 and .Notification 27/2018-CUSTOMS (N.T./CAA/DRI) dated 26.11.2018 Appointment of Common Adjudicating Authority by DGRI View 26 […]

Custom Circular No.46

Circular No.46/2018-CUSTOMS dated 27.11.2018 Advisory on Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems including e-Cigarettes and the like products . View PDF file

Custom Circular No.45

Circular No.45/2018-Customs dated 19.11.2018 Clarification for re-imports through Post under Notification No.45/2017-CUS dated 30.06.17 and 46/2017-Cus dated 30.06.17 View PDF […]

Notification No.55

Notification No.55/2018-CUSTOMS(ADD) dated 15.11.2018 Seeks to extension of existing anti-dumping on "O-Acid" originating in or exported from China PR and […]

Notification No.92

Notification No.92/2018-CUSTOMS(N.T.) dated 15.11.2018 Tariff Notification in respect of Fixation of Tariff Value of Edible Oils, Brass Scrap, Poppy Seeds, […]

Customs Circular No.44

Customs Circular No.44/2018-CUSTOMS dated 13.11.2018 Implementation of PGA(Participative Government Agencies) Esanchit-Paperless processing under SWIFT-uploading of Licenses/Permits/Certificates/Other Authorizations (LPCOs) by PGAs. […]

Custom Circular no.43

Circular no.43/2018-Customs dated 08.11.2018 Implementation of Paperless processing under SWIFT-Uploading of Supporting Documents (Esanchit) in exports w.e.f.08.11.2018. PDF FILE

Custom Notification No.91

Notification No.91/2018-CUSTOMS (N.T.) dated 05.11.2018 Board has delegated powers to Principal Chief Commissioner or Chief Commissioner of Customs to assign […]


Circular No.42/2018-CUSTOMS dated 02.11.2018 Procedure for a Pilot on transshipment of export cargo from Bangladesh to third countries through Land […]


Notification No.77/2018-CUSTOMS dated 01.11.2018 Effective date for imposing duty @ 15% against import of Artemia from USA postponed to 17.12.2018. […]

CUSTOM Circular No. 41

Circular No. 41/2018 dated 30.10,.2018. Electronic sealing-deposit in and removal of goods from Customs Bonded warehouse- Deferment of Circular-19/2018-Customs dated […]


89/2018-Cus (NT) d.t 31.10.2018 Tariff Notification in respect of Fixation of Tariff Value of Edible Oils, Brass ,Scrap, Poppy Seeds, […]


88/2018-Cus (NT) d.t 30.10.2018 Amendment to sea cargo manifest and transhipment regulations, 2018 – date extended from 01.11.2018 to 01.03.2019 […]

CUSTOM Circular No.39

Circular No.39/2018-CUSTOMS dated 23.10.2018 Electronic sealing-Deposit in and removal of goods from Customs bonded warehouses,Clarified that the owner of the […]

CUSTOM Circular No.40

Circular No.40/2018-CUSTOMS dated 24.10.2018 IGST Export Refunds –extension in SB005 alternate mechanism and revised processing in certain cases including disbursal […]

CUSTOM Instruction No.18

Instruction No.18/2018-Customs dated 25.10.2018 Importers of Saccharin should be informed of the pending anti dumping case in the HC of […]

Custom Circular No.38

Circular No.38/2018-CUSTOMS dated 18.10.2018 Procedure to be followed by EOUs PDF File

Custom Notification No.53

Notification No.53/2018-customs (ADD) dated 18.10.2018 Imposes Anti dumping duty on “Flax yarn below 70 lea count when imported from China […]

Custom Notification No.54

Notification No.54/2018-CUSTOMS (ADD) dated 18.10.2018 Imposes Anti dumping duty on “Straight Length Bars and rods of alloy steel” PDF File

Custom Notification No. 86

Notification No. 86/2018-CUSTOMS(N.T.) dated 15.10.18 Tariff Notification fixing Tariff values of edible oils,brass scrap,poppy seeds,gold and silver. PDF File

Custom Notification No.52

Notification No.52/2018-CUSTOMS(ADD) dated 15.10.2018 Cancels the ADD Notification on Pthalic Anhydride imported from Korean RP/Taiwan/Israel. PDF File

Custom Instruction No.17

Instruction No.17/2018-CUSTOMS dated 15.10.2018 Guidelines for handling and storage of valuable goods that are seized /confiscated by the Department-regarding PDF […]

Custom Notification No.76

Notification No.76/2018 –CUSTOMS dated 11/10/2018 Duty exempted on Specified PCBs. PDF File

Custom Notification No.75

Notification No.75/2018-CUSTOMS dated 11/10/2018 Duty decreased on Specified telecom equipment to 10% PDF File

Custom Notification No.74

Notification No.74/2018-CUSTOMS dated 11/10/2018 Duty increased to 20% for Specified Telecom Equipment PDF File

Custom Notification No.22

Notification No.22/2018-Central Excise dated 10.10.2018 Excise Duty on Aviation Turbine Fuel decreased from 14% to 11%. PDF File

Custom Circular No.37

Circular No.37/2018-Customs dated 09.10.2018 Exporters who have claimed higher rate of Drawback are not allowed to claim IGST refunds PDF […]

Custom Notification No.51

Notification No.51/2018-Customs (ADD) dated 09.10.2018 Anti dumping duty extended upto 09.04.2019 for Ductile iron pipes originating from China. PDF File

Custom Instruction No.16

Instruction No.16/2018-CUSTOMS dated 08.10.2018 Board has confirmed that e-seals for sealing of containers have to be classified under 8309 90 […]

Customs Circular No.36

Customs Circular No.36/2018-CUSTOMS dated 05.10.2018 Amendments in existing reward guidelines –Grant of reward to informers and Government servants. PDF File

Customs Circular No.35

Customs Circular No.35/2018-CUSTOMS dated 01.10.2018 Advisory Circular for registration of beneficiaries on ICEGATE PDF File

Customs Circular No.34

Customs Circular No.34/2018-CUSTOMS dated 28.09.2018 e-Sealing in case of movement of goods under warehousing bond extended to 1.11.2018. PDF File

Custom Notification No.84

Notification No.84/2018-CUSTOMS(N.T.) dated 28.09.2018. Tariff Notification in respect of fixation of Tariff value of edible oils,brass scrap,poppy seeds,areca nuts,gold and […]

Custom Notification No.72

Notification No.72/2018-CUSTOMS dated 28.09.2018. Provides exemption from Duty for import of auxiliary machines for spinning and weaving machines PDF File

Custom Notification No.71

Notification No.71/2018-CUSTOMS dated 28.09.2018. Provides exemption from Duty for import of Capital Goods for manufacture of Mobile Handsets. PDF File

Notification Numbers 67

Notification Numbers 67/2018 to 69/2018 dated 26.09.2018 Duty increased on 19 items w.e.f.27.09.2018.(White goods,Speakers,Foot wear,Radial car tyres,Non-Industrial Diamonds,Gold /SilverJewellery ,Bath […]

Notification No.66

Notification No.66/2018-customs dated 26.09.2018 IGST Exemption against imports under Advance Authorization /EPCG Authorization extended upto 31.03.2019. Notification No.66 PDF FILE

Notification No.49

Notification No.49/2018-customs(ADD) dated 25.09.2018 Notification No.12/2017-CUSTOMS(ADD) DATED 11.04.2017 AMENDED by updating the name of the exporters.”Anti-dumping duty on Linear Alkyl […]

Notification No.48

Notification No.48/2018-customs (ADD) dated 25.09.2018 Notification No.28/2018-customs (ADD) dated 25.05.2018 amended by substituting new table.”Anti-dumping duty on Saturated Fatty Alcohols”. […]

Notification no. 82

Notification no. 82/2018-CUSTOMS (N.T.) dated 24.09.2018 All Industry Rates of DBK increased on Articles of jewelry from gold/silver and articles […]