DGFT Public Notice No.56

Public Notice No.56/2015-2020 dated 05.12.2018 Revised territorial jurisdiction of Regional authorities of DGFT and their jurisdiction is notified with immediate […]

DGFT Public Notice No.55

Public Notice No.55/2015-2020 dated 03.12.2018 Certain corrections have been made in the Appendix 3B,Table 2 as notified vide Public Notice […]

DGFT Trade Notice No.38

Trade Notice No.38/2018 DATED 3.12.2018 Availability of Speed Post Dispatch particulars in MEIS module. View PDF file

DGFT Notification No.45

Notification No.45/2015-2020 dated 30.11.2018 Import policy of gold- dore is laid down. View PDF file

DGFT Notification No.44

Notification No.44/2015-2020 dated 30.11.2018 Para 4.32(i) of Chapter 4 of FTP 2015-2020 is amended to allow export of gold idols […]

DGFT Public Notice No.54

Public Notice No.54/2015-2020 dated 30.11.2018 Appendix -2X introduced mentioning list of Refineries/Mint granted BIS Licence as on 31ST July 2018. […]

DGFT Public Notice No.53

Public Notice No.53/2015-2020 dated 30.11.2018 Provision for fees for (i) Preferential Certificate of Origin & (ii) Post verification of self […]

DFGT Public Notice No.52

Public Notice No.52/2015-2020 dated 30.11.2018 Fee for issuance of (i)Preferential Certificate of Origin and (ii) Post Verification of self certified […]

DGFT Public Notice no.51

Public Notice no.51/(2015-2020) dated 30.11.2018 Wastage Norms and value addition in respect of gold religious idols (only gods and goddesses […]

DGFT Public Notice No.50

Public Notice No.50/2015-2020 dated 26.11.2018 Procedure for allocation of quota for import of (i) Calcined Pet Coke for use in […]

DGFT Public Notice No.49

Public Notice No.49/2015-2020 dated 22.11.2018. Non Basmati rice items have been made eligible for MEIS benefits at the rate of […]


PUBLIC NOTICE No.48/2015-2020 dated 20.11.2018 The town of Bhadohi in Uttar Pradesh has been notified as a town of Export […]


PUBLIC NOTICE No. 46/2015-20 dated 15.11.2018 The existing “Stock and Sale” policy under Paragraph 2.79A and 2.79B of the HBP […]


PUBLIC NOTICE No.47/(2015-2020) dated 16.11.2018 The validity period of the EPCG Authorizations has been extended from 18 to 24 months. […]


PUBLIC NOTICE No.45/2015-20 dated 15.11.2018 The period for installation and operationalisation of Radiation Portal Monitors and Container Scanner IN the […]

DGFT Public Notice No.44

Public Notice No.44/2015-2020 dated 05.11.2018 EOUs exporting spices should register with Spices Board in addition to EPC for EOUs and […]

DGFT Notification No.43

Notification No.43/2015-2020 dated 05.11.2018 Export item “Gold jewellery” eligible for Duty exemption/remission schemes vide Para 4.31(i) Of FTP Is expanded […]

DGFT Trade Notice No.37

Trade Notice No.37/2018 dated 02.11.2018 Online issuance of RCMC by EPCs and its uploading on the DGFT server. PDF FILE


PUBLIC NOTICE NO.43/2015-2020 Dated 1st November, 2018 Implementation of the Track and Trace system for export of Pharmaceuticals and drug […]

DGFT Trade Notice No. 36

Trade Notice No. 36/2018 dated 30.10.2018. Caution against dealing with MSRL Group Ltd, Miami, Florida, USA for transacting any Business […]

DGFT Trade Notice No.35

Trade Notice No.35/2018 dated 25.10.2018 Procedure/documents for obtaining export authorization for export of restricted items under Schedule 2 ITC(HS)classification of […]

DGFT Notification No.42

Notification No.42/2015-2020 dated 23.10.2018 Import of pet coke for purpose of feed stock is also now extended to Aluminium Industry. […]

DGFT Public Notice No.42

Public Notice No.42/2015-2020 dated 16.10.2018 Description of import item 1 in SION A-1486 is amended from Lauryl Alcohol to Lauryl […]

DGFT Policy Circular 13

Policy Circular 13/2015-2020 DATED 05.10.2018 Eligibility of firms providing educational services to NRI students under SEIS PDF File

DGFT Notification No.41

Notification No.41/2015-2020 dated 05.10.2018 Amendment of Policy conditions of Urea under Chapter 31 of ITC (HS)2017,Schedule-i(Import Policy) PDF File

DGFT .Trade Notice No.34

Trade Notice No.34/2018 dated 04.10.2018 Activation of E-Com module for applying for SEIS will be available from 08.10.2018 PDF File

DGFT Notification No.40

Notification No.40/2015-2020 dated 03.10.2018 Extension of time upto 30.04.2019 for completion of the export of confiscated Red Sanders wood to […]

DGFT Notification No.39

Notification No.39/2015-2020 dated 03.10.2018 33 Items under Chapter 29 (Organic Chemicals) and one item in Chapter 30 (Pharmaceutical Products ) […]

DGFT Notification No.38

Notification No.38/2015-2020 dated 28.09.2018 Import of Petcoke allowed also for graphite electrode industry for use as feedstock or in the […]

DGFT Notification No.37

Notification No.37/2015-2020 dated 28.09.2018 Import of Peas classified under Exim Code 0713 10 00 is “RESTRICTED” till 31.12.2018. PDF File

DGFT Public Notice no.40

Public Notice no.40/2015-2020 dated 26.09.2018 M/S Supreme International FZC ceases to be an approved Pre-shipment inspection agency. Notification-No.40.pdf

DGFT Public Notice No.41

Public Notice No.41/2015-2020 dated 27.09.2018 MEIS Rate increased from 10% to 20% on exports of Milk/Skimmed Milk/whole Milk/condensed Milk/Butter Milk/Yogurt/Cheese […]

DGFT Notification No.36

Notification No.36/2015-2020 dated 27.09.2018 The value limit stipulated on exports through post has been done away with. Notification-No.36.pdf

DGFT Notification No.35

Notification No.35/2015-20 dated 26.09.2018 IGST exemption against imports under Advance Authorization,EPCG and EOU Schemes extended upto 31.03.2019. Notification-No.35.pdf

DGFT Notification No.34

Notification No.34/2015-2020 dated 25.09.2018 Export of remnant of chemicals falling under Category 1A in Appendix 3 (SCOMET ITEMS) to Schedule […]