Brand Rate Drawback

Brand Rate Drawback
((Where rate of drawback is not determined))
The Ministry of Finance and Revenue, with team of technical field take all possible efforts to cover all the products/items manufactured in India and are likely to be exported and so the All Industry Drawback Rates (A I R) are fixed.
However in case any new product / item is developed and manufacturer notices that the A I R  is not determined the manufacturer can approach the Principal commissioner of customs, under Rule 6 of DBK rules within 3(Three) months for determination of  Brand Rate of DBK. by providing  the data, likely capture of international market, etc.The  Principal commissioner of Customs may take time to consider request however there are provisions of allowing provisional DBK rate uptill matter is decided.

Brand Rate of Drawback
((Where A I R rate determined is low i.e. less than 80% of duties paid))

The exporter of products/items feels that the  drawback rate fixed under chapter and HS code is less than the cost of materials/ components and is not even 80% of duties paid.

The exporter can approach to the Principal Commissioner of port  from where the export of goods are dispatched, under Rule 7 of DBK rules2017, requesting to fix the Brand Rate of DBK, with proper format application and documents of purchase of raw materials to establish the facts of eligibility of higher rate if DBK than fixed, which is less.


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