Obtain the Custom clearance import & export services at sensible price tags.
Custom clearance or broking is the significant division of the overseas transportation and numerous other domains for importer & exporters which ensure the hassle-free approval from the government agencies for both the purposes – importing & exporting of goods/services from one part to another part. We at Star Group offers advanced custom clearance import & custom clearance export services at sensible prices. Our job of custom clearance involves the calculation of the transportation fees, duties, taxes, & excises for the clients. Our customer broker purposefully communicates with the national & international government agencies on the behalf of the importer & exporter. At that time, we complete numerous other formalities which are necessary to clear shipment.
Moreover, we are specialized in our domain & work for the international transportation agencies. We have rich industrial experience & understanding of whole shipping procedure to carry out the task with precise flawlessness. In addition, apart from being connected with modern advancements, we can deal with the actual custom clearance agency that efficiently & comprehend with the nitty-gritty of the custom laws. We are not the government agents but we have the licence from the authorized government agency to be in this field. We are working independently and associated with the fright forwarders, importers/exporters, traders, & shipping agencies.

Why do you need the excellent Custom Clearance Service from us?
Many a time, due to the lack of efficient and careless custom practices, your consignments are detained on air or sea ports that are never good news for both importer & exporter. And, we provide the advanced services that are away from these kinds of hazards. Organizing the custom practices, we can simply avoid any kind of unpredictable collapse. We not only save your time by regulating your business smoothly but also remain in good books of Custom clearance documents. We are the top-notch Customs Clearance agent and has less Customs Clearance Fee.
Our whole process of obtaining custom clearance services begins by declaring the goods to the customs service. With us, you can declare the same by filling and submitting the form online. After the form is submitted, you will be informed of the taxes, duties and other fees that need to be the paid. You can make the payment of the fees online and then you will be able to ship the items with Star Group. If the goods are not declared in advance, you will not get clearance for them. You might also need to provide other documents, which are demanded by the Federal Customs Service. You have to pay custom fees for all the Custom clearance import and Custom clearance export services.


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This is to inform you that one shipment which landed in India today afternoon at 2.07 PM, got cleared from customs by your team at 5.50 PM.

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