Customs-Circular No.20

Customs Circular No.20/2022 dt.22.09.2022 Truck Crane or Terrain Crane are classified under CTH 8426 View PDF file

Customs-Notification No.28

ADD Notification No. 28/2022 dt.21.09.2022 ADD on Toluene di isocyanate CTH 29291020 Country of Origin or Export from China, Korea […]

Customs Circular No.19

Circular No.19/2022 regarding Transhipment of goods of Balgla Desh to Trird countries via Indai View PDF file

Customs-Notification No. 78

Notification No. 78/2022 Customs (N.T.) dt. 15/9/2022 Customs Exchange Rate wef 16/9/2022 View PDF file

Customs Circular No.16

Customs Circular No.16/2022 dt.29/08/2022 Circular regarding Standard Examination Order in FAG Faceless Assessment Group View PDF file

Customs Notification No.26

Customs Notification No.26 / 2022 Customs (ADD) Amendment in Notification No.01/2017 ADD for Hessian fabric and Jute Sacs on Import […]

Customs Notification No.73

Customs Notification No.73/2022 dt.01.09.2022 For Exchange Rate from 02/09/2022 View PDF file

Customs Notification No.46

Customs Notification No.46/2022 Amendment in Notification No.48/2021 for extending date from 31/3/2022 to 31/3/2023 for Import of Crude Palm Oil […]

Customs Notification No.45

Customs Notification No.45/2022 Amendment in Notification No.130/2010 Exemption of duty on import of Printed tickets, Airway Bill and other printed […]

Customs-Circular No.15

Customs Circular No.15 Regarding simplification of procedure of compounding offences View PDF file

Customs Notification No.69

Customs Notification No.69/2022 (N.T.) Amendment in Customs (Compounding Offence ) Rules 2005 View PDF file

Customs Circular No.14

Circular No.14/2022 dt.18/08/2022 Customs Duty on Display Assembly for cellular mobile phone and duty on other parts of mobiles imported […]

Customs Notification No. 25

Notification No. 25/2022-CUSTOMS (ADD) Anti Dumping Duty on ‘Ursodeoxycholic Acid (UDCA)’ for Import from China and Korea View PDF file

Customs Notification No.70

Customs Notification No.70/2022 (N.T.) Exchange Rates View PDF file

Customs Circular No.13

Circular No.13/2022 Guidelines for Revised value limits regarding arrest View PDF file

Customs-Circular No.12

Customs Circular No.12/2022 Guidelines for Revised value limits regarding prosecution View PDF file

Customs Notification No.67

Customs Notification No.67/2022 (N.T.) Passenger Name Record Information Regulations, 2022. View PDF file

Customs-Notification No.24

Notification No.24/2022 Customs (ADD) dt.03/0882022 Anti-Dumping Duty on Opal Glassware from China and UAE View PDF file

Customs-Notification No.66

Notification No.66/2022 (N.T.) dt.04/08/2022 Rate of Exchange for conversion of foreign currency w.e.f. 5th Augest, 2022 View PDF file

Customs-Circular No.10

Circular No.10/2022-Cus dated 25.07.2022 Clarifying the difference between CLIA (Chemiluminescence immunoassay kit) and ECLIA ( Electro Chemiluminescence immunoassay kit )Test […]


Not.No.44/2022-Cus dated 23.07.2022 Exemption of AIDC on import of Mosur extended from 30.09.2022 to 31.03.2023.(Notification No.49/2021-Cus dated 13.10.2021.) View PDF […]

Customs-Instruction No.16

Instruction No.16/2022-Cus dated 21.07.2022 Compendium of guidelines/circulars/orders issued by DOT for import of wireless equipment View PDF file

Customs-Instruction No.15

Instruction No.15/2022-Cus dated 20.02.2022 Concession on duty to be extended to the import of Open Cells for the manufacture of […]

Customs-Notification No.44

Notification No.44/2022-Customs dated 23.07.2022 Concession in duty of Zero % on import of Mosur extended from 30.09.2022 to 31.03.2023 View […]

Customs-Notification No.43

Notification No.43/2022 –Customs dated 20.07.2022 Allows TRQ holders under Indo-UAE CEPA to import through IIBX.Changes made in the Notification 22/2022-Cus […]

Custom-Instruction No.14

Instruction No.14/2022-Customs dated 11.07.2022 Instructions to Field officers about the amendment in the export policy of wheat flour . View […]

Custom-Instruction No.13

Instruction No.13/2022-Customs dated 09.07.2022 Instructions to Field Officers to not to grant permission Under MOOWR,2019 where solar panels are imported […]

Customs-Notification No.23

Notification No.23/2022-Customs (ADD) dated 12.07.2022 Amendment in the table showing Producer and exporter in the Notification 28/2018 for import of […]

Customs-Notification No.61

Notification No.61/2022-Customs (NT) dated 14.07.2022 Dy.DRI/Asst DRI assigned to perform functions under Section 109A ,controlled delivery of suspect goods for […]

Custom-Notification No.59

Notification No.59/2022-Customs(NT) dated 12.07.2022 The customs department has issued controlled delivery regulations authorising officers to track suspicious consignments of items, […]

Customs-Notification No.42

Notification No.42/2022-Customs dated 13.07.2022 Exemption from IGST withdrawn on import of goods by Public Funded Research Institutions. View PDF file

Customs-Notification No.41

Notification No.41/2022-Cus dated 13.07.2022 Notificaion No.19/2019 related to import of defence related items amended to include “any other entity” over […]

Customs-Notification No.40

Notification No.40/2022-Cus dated 13.07.2022 Import of DEC tablets eempted from BCD and goods used for petroleum operations BCD increased from […]

Customs-Notification No.39

Notification No.39/2022-Cus dated 12.07.2022 Change in the Tariff Heading from 8529 to 8524 for open cells for use in TV […]

Customs-Instruction No.12

Instruction No.12/2022-Cus dated 07.07.2022 Field officers sensitized about the SOP for implementation of CG Notification prohibiting import of mobiles with […]

Customs-Instruction No.11

Instruction No.11/2022-Cus dated 03.07.2022 Field officers sensitized about the declaration to be made by the exporters of Petrol and diesel […]

Customs-Notification No.38

Notification No.38/2022-Cus dated 04.07.2022 Extending the exemption of BCD and AIDC against import of raw cotton by one more month […]

Custom Instruction No.10

Instruction No.10/2022-Cus dated 28.06.2022 FSSAI Imports related directions on rectifiable labeling information for imported food consignments and testing of cloves. […]

Custom Circular No.09

Circular No.09/2022-Cus dated 30.06.2022 SOP laid down for e-commerce exports of jewellery through courier mode. View PDF file

Custom Notification No.57

Notification No.57/2022-Cus (NT) dated 30.06.2022 Courier Imports and Exports (Electronic Declaration and Processing ), Amendment, Regulations, 2022 for facilitating E-commerce […]

Custom Notification No.56

Notification No.56/2022-Cus (NT) dated 30.06.2022 Extension of time given to authorized carrier to deliver cargo declaration in specified format till […]

custom Instruction No.09

Instruction No.09/2022-Customs dated 22/06/2022 Consequent upon the changes in Plastic waste management (amendment)rules 2022,prohibiting the manufacture,import,stocking,distribution sale and use of […]

Custom Notification No.52

Notification No.52/2022-Cus(NT) dated 24.06.2022 Amendment in Customs Broker Licensing Regulations ,every broker should enroll as a member in an Association […]

Custom Notification No.37

Notification No.37/2022-Cus dated 30.06.2022 Exemption of IGST on imports under AA/EPCG/EOU Schemes continues without any time-limit. View PDF file

Custom Notification No.36

Notification No.36/2022-Customs dated 30.06.2022 Seeks to increase BCD rate on Gold imported under TRQ of India-UAE CEPA View PDF file

Custom Notification No.35

Notification No.35/2022-Customs dated 30.06.2022 Seeks to increase the rate applicable under BCD exemption on Gold imported under replenishment scheme View […]

Custom Notification No.33

Notification No.33/2022-Customs dated 30.06.2022 Seeing the surge in gold imports Government has increased the BCD from 10.75% to 15%. View […]

Custom Notification No.34

Notification No.34/2022-Customs dated 30.06.2022 Exemption from SWS for gold imports. View PDF file

custom Notification No.32

Notification No.32/2022-Customs dated 30.06.2022 Special additional excise duty levied on Crude Petroleum and ATF on supplies made by Domestic Companies […]

Customs Notification No 22 ADD

View PDF file Notification No.22/2022-Cus (ADD) dated 15.06.2022 ADD levied on import of Fluro backsheet excluding transparent backsheet from China […]