Custom – Notification No. 04

Notification No. 04/2023 Customs (N.T.) dt.13.01.2023 Tariff Value fixing of certain goods, such as Crude Palm Oil, RBD Palmolien, Crude […]

Customs – Circular No.02

Circular No.02/2023 dt.11.01.2023 Standard Examination Order in Faceless Assessment Group introduce for Assessment Group No.4 Also mentioning time frame to […]

Customs – Notification No.03

Customs Notification No.03/2023 Customs (N.T.)dt.11.01.2023 Central Government Introduces New Rules which will be called as Customs (Assistance in Value Declaration […]

Customs – Notification No.02

Customs Notification No.02/2023 (N.T.) dt.05.01.2023 New exchange rates with effect from 06.01.2023 is notified View PDF file

Customs – Notification No.01

Customs Notification No.01/2023 (N.T.) DT. 04.01.2023 Airport at Agartala in the State of Tripura allowed for unloading and loading of […]

Customs – Instruction 33

Customs Instruction 33/2022 dt. 12/12/2022 Government has allocated 60 LMT Sugar Export, Sugar mill wise quota for export of sugar […]

Customs Notification No.109

Customs Notification No.109/2022 Customs (N.T.) Dt.15.12.2022 Exchange rates w.e.f. 16.12.2022 View PDF file

Customs – Circular No.25

Circular No.25/2022 dt.09/12/2022 implementation of Post Bill of Export Automated System. View PDF file

Customs Notification No.107

Customs Notification No.107/2022 (N.T.) Date 09/12/2022 for amendment in Notification No.63/1994 (N.T.) Kakrawh Land Customs Station facility for clearance of […]

Customs Notification No.106

Customs Notification No.106/2022 Date 09/12/2022 The words “Gauriphanta, Dharchula, Bhithamore and Barhni” has been substituted In place of “Gauriphanta and […]

Customs Notification No.105

Customs Notification No.105/2022 Dt.09/12/2022 issued for amendment of Notification No.26/2022 (N.T.) Assigning officers functions under various Sections under Customs Act […]

Customs Notification No.104

Customs Notification No.104/22 (N.T.) Dated 09/12/2022 CBIC Introduce regulation for Postal Export will process Online View PDF file

Customs – Notification No.102

Customs Notification No.102/2022 (N.T.) Dated 8.12.2022 This notification is issued for amendment of Notification No.63/1994 Providing that Kulkuli Land Customs […]

Customs – Circular No.24

Circular No.24/2022 Customs dated 28/11/2022 To further enhance SWIFT, the Digital Import Clearance System of AQCS-ICS has been developed by […]

Customs Notification No.30

Customs Notification No.30/2022 Customs ADD dt.28/11/202 Anti -Dumping Duty on Alloy Road Wheel HS Code 870870 on import from China […]

Customs Notification No.101

Customs Notification No.101/2022 CUS N.T. Dated 01.12.2022 New Exchange Rates w.e.f. 02/12/2022 View PDF file

Customs-Notification No. 96

Notification No. 96/2022-CUSTOMS (N.T.) Dt.15.11.2022 Tariff value fixation for Crude Palm Oil , RBD Palm Oil, Others – Palm Oil, […]

Customs-Circular No.23

Circular No.23 / 2022-Customs Dated 03/11/2022 Circular No.23 / 2022-Customs Dated 03/11/2022 Faceless Assessment - Anonymized Escalation Mechanism & extension […]

Customs-Notification No. 93

Notification No. 93/2022-CUSTOMS (N.T.) Dt.10/11/2022 Amendment in Notification No.36/2001 1 1511 10 00 Crude Palm Oil 952 (i.e., no change) […]

Customs-Notification No. 92

Notification No. 92/2022 - Customs (N.T.) Dated 03/11/2022 Determine the Exchange Rate for conversion of foreign currency w.e.f.04/11/2022 View PDF […]

Customs-Notification No. 56

Notification No. 56/2022-Customs Dated 01.11.2022 Amending Notification No.50/2017 against Sl. No. 404 at column No.2 Chapter 29 included along with […]

Customs-Circular No.23

Circular No.23/2022 dt.03.11.2022 Circular regarding : : Faceless Assessment - Anonymized Escalation Mechanism & extension of Standard Examination Orders through […]

Customs-Notification No. 29

Notification No. 29/2022-Customs (ADD) Dated 19.10.2022 ADD on ‘Electrogalvanized Steel’ falling under tariff heading 7209, 7210, 7211, 7212, 7225 and […]

Customs-Notification No.90

Notification No.90/2022 (N.T.) Dated 20/10/2022 Change in Exchange Rates w.e.f. 21/10/2022 is mentioned. View PDF file

Customs-Notification No.54

Customs Notification No.54/2022 dated 19/10/2022 Amendments in Project Import Regulations 1986 At Sl.No.2 & Sl. No.3 words added “other than […]

Customs -Notification No.89

Customs Notification No.89/2022 (N.T.) Dated 14.10.2022 Tariff Value Fixation for Crude and Refined Palm Oil, Crude Soya bean Oil and […]

Customs-Notification No.87

Notification No.87/2022 (N.T.) dt.06/10/2022 Change in Exchange Rate w.e.f. 07/10/2022 View PDF file

Customs-Notificatino No.53

Notificatino No.53/2022 dt. 03.10.2022 Amendment in Notification No.11/2021, AIDC @1.5% applicable for CTH 7110 For goods other than Platinum View […]

Customs-Circular No.22

Circular No.22/2022 dated 26/09/2022 Regarding RoSCTL Notification No.77 of 2021 (N.T.), amendment by Notification No.76/2022 (N.T) for Deletion of word […]

Customs-Notification No.83

Notification No.83/2022 (N.T.) Dated 26/09/2022 Amendment In Notification No.78/2022 for change in Exchange Rate of Pound Sterling View PDF file

Customs-Notification No.51

Notification No.51/2022 dated 28/09/2022 Amendment in Notification No.25 of 2021 dt.31/03/2021 at Sr. No.7, Speciality Sugar against CTH 17011490 TRQ […]

Customs-Notification No.50

Notification No.50/2022 dated 27/9/2022 Amendment in Notification No.50/2017 in List 33 against Item 3 in column 2 CTH 8481 is […]

Customs-Circular No.20

Customs Circular No.20/2022 dt.22.09.2022 Truck Crane or Terrain Crane are classified under CTH 8426 View PDF file

Customs-Notification No.28

ADD Notification No. 28/2022 dt.21.09.2022 ADD on Toluene di isocyanate CTH 29291020 Country of Origin or Export from China, Korea […]

Customs Circular No.19

Circular No.19/2022 regarding Transhipment of goods of Balgla Desh to Trird countries via Indai View PDF file

Customs-Notification No. 78

Notification No. 78/2022 Customs (N.T.) dt. 15/9/2022 Customs Exchange Rate wef 16/9/2022 View PDF file

Customs Circular No.16

Customs Circular No.16/2022 dt.29/08/2022 Circular regarding Standard Examination Order in FAG Faceless Assessment Group View PDF file

Customs Notification No.26

Customs Notification No.26 / 2022 Customs (ADD) Amendment in Notification No.01/2017 ADD for Hessian fabric and Jute Sacs on Import […]

Customs Notification No.73

Customs Notification No.73/2022 dt.01.09.2022 For Exchange Rate from 02/09/2022 View PDF file

Customs Notification No.46

Customs Notification No.46/2022 Amendment in Notification No.48/2021 for extending date from 31/3/2022 to 31/3/2023 for Import of Crude Palm Oil […]

Customs Notification No.45

Customs Notification No.45/2022 Amendment in Notification No.130/2010 Exemption of duty on import of Printed tickets, Airway Bill and other printed […]

Customs-Circular No.15

Customs Circular No.15 Regarding simplification of procedure of compounding offences View PDF file

Customs Notification No.69

Customs Notification No.69/2022 (N.T.) Amendment in Customs (Compounding Offence ) Rules 2005 View PDF file

Customs Circular No.14

Circular No.14/2022 dt.18/08/2022 Customs Duty on Display Assembly for cellular mobile phone and duty on other parts of mobiles imported […]

Customs Notification No. 25

Notification No. 25/2022-CUSTOMS (ADD) Anti Dumping Duty on ‘Ursodeoxycholic Acid (UDCA)’ for Import from China and Korea View PDF file

Customs Notification No.70

Customs Notification No.70/2022 (N.T.) Exchange Rates View PDF file

Customs Circular No.13

Circular No.13/2022 Guidelines for Revised value limits regarding arrest View PDF file

Customs-Circular No.12

Customs Circular No.12/2022 Guidelines for Revised value limits regarding prosecution View PDF file

Customs Notification No.67

Customs Notification No.67/2022 (N.T.) Passenger Name Record Information Regulations, 2022. View PDF file

Customs-Notification No.24

Notification No.24/2022 Customs (ADD) dt.03/0882022 Anti-Dumping Duty on Opal Glassware from China and UAE View PDF file