Customs Notification No 22 ADD

View PDF file Notification No.22/2022-Cus (ADD) dated 15.06.2022 ADD levied on import of Fluro backsheet excluding transparent backsheet from China […]

DGFT Public Notice No 15

View PDF file Public Notice Number 15/2015-2020 dated 14.06.2022 Additional provisions added to the Public Notice No.10/2015-20 dated 24.05.2022 relating […]

Customs Instruction No 8

View PDF file Instruction No.8/2022-Customs dated 03.06.2022 Instructions to the Officers from FSSAI and Customs to relax the Commercial Sterility […]

Customs Notification No 19

View PDF file Notification No.19/2022-Customs (ADD) dated 03.06.2022 Extension of ADD on import of Di-Isocyanate from China,S.Korea and Japan upto […]

Customs Notification No 21

View PDF file Notification No.21/2022-Customs (ADD) dated 08.06.2022 Extension of ADD on specified pneumatic tyres from China upto 17th December […]

Customs Notification No 31

View PDF file Notification No.31/2022-Customs dated 07.06.2022 Amending Notification No.50/2017-Customs dated 30.06.2017 to the Mega Power Project Companies for availing […]

Notification No.17

Notification No.17/2022-Cus(ADD) dated 30.05.2022 Extension of ADD till 31.10.2022 on import of “styrene butadiene rubber “ from EU/Korea RP/Thailand .(Not.No.43/2017-Cus(ADD) […]

Instruction No.07

View PDF file Instruction No.07/2022-Customs dated 31.05.2022 Instructions to Field Officers about the change in Export Policy of Sugar and […]

Customs Notification No.3

View PDF file Notification No.3/2022-Customs (CVD) dated 02.06.2022 Provisional assessment on imports of “Saccharin” from Thailand as there is a […]

Customs Notification No.18

Notification No.18/2022-Cus(ADD) dated 31.05.2022 Extension of ADD till 30.11.2022 on import of Jute Products from Bangladesh & Nepal.(Not.No.01/2017-Cus(ADD) dated 05.01.2017. […]

Customs Notification No.48

Notification No.48/2022-Customs (N.T.) dated 31.05.2022 Effective date postponed from 01.06.2022 to 30.11.2022 for Notification no.11/2022-Cus (N.T.) dated 30.03.2022.(Exemption from operation […]

Customs Notification No.47

View PDF file Notification No.47/2022-Customs(N.T.) dated 31.05.2022 From 01.06.2022 to 29.11.2022 ,all deposits are exempted from operation of Sec.51A of […]

Customs Notification No 30

Notification No.30/2022-Cus dated 27.05.2022 Annual TRQ of 20,00,000 MT of Crude soya-bean oil and 20,00,000 MT of sunflower seed oil […]

Customs Notification No 29

View PDF file Notification No.29/2022-Cus dated 21.05.2022 Export duty increased on Iron ore pellets,Pig Iron and products of iron and […]

Customs Notification No 28

View PDF file Notification No.28/2022-Cus dated 21,05.2022 Export duty increased on Iron ores and concentrates and introduced on products of […]

Customs Notification No 27

View PDF file Notification No.27/2022-Cus dated 21.05.2022 AIDC reduced on import of Coking coal and Antharcite from 1.5% to Nil […]

Customs Notification No 26

View PDF file Notification No.26/2022-Cus dated 21.05.2022 Duties reduced on import of Coking coal/coke/Naptha/Propylene oxide/ferro nickel w.e.f.22.05.2022

Customs Notification No 16 ADD

View PDF file Notification No.16/2022-Cus(ADD) dated 24.05.2022 ADD levied on import of Ceramic tableware and kitchenware from China for 5 […]

Customs Notification No 15 ADD

View PDF file Notification No.15/2022-Cus(ADD) dated 24.05.2022 Amendment in ADD Notification 77/2021 –Cus (ADD) dated 27.12.2021 regarding import of Décor […]

Customs Notification No 14 ADD

View PDF file Notification No.14/2022-Cus(ADD) dated 20.05.2022 ADD levied on Polyurethane leather imported from China for 5 years.

Customs Circular No 08

View PDF file Circular No.08/2022-Cus dated 17.05.2022 Enabling export of Bangladesh goods to India by rail in closed containers.

Customs Notification No 25

View PDF file Notification No.25/2022-Cus dated 21.05.2022 Cess on Petrol reduced from Rs.13 to Rs.5/litre and diesel from Rs.8 to […]

Customs Notification No 44

View PDF file Notification No.44/2022-Cus(N.T.) dated 20.05.2022 Amendment to CoO Rules under Indo Japan CEPA announced.(Notification No.14/2018-Cus(N.T.) dated 19.02.2018

Customs Instruction No 05

View PDF file Instruction No.05/2022-Customs dated 16.05.2022 Exports of wheat is also allowed where the consignments have been handed over […]

Customs Instruction No 06

View PDF file Instruction No.06/2022-Customs dated 17.05.2022 Exports of wheat is also allowed where the consignments have been handed over […]

Customs Notifications No 13

View PDF file Notification No.13/2022-Customs (ADD) dated 11.05.2022 Rescinding the Notification relating to the ADD imposed on Amoxycillin imported from […]

Customs Notification No 12 ADD 2022

View PDF file Notification No.12/2022-Cus(ADD) dated 28.04.2022 ADD imposed for 5 years on the import of “N, N’ – Dicyclohexyl […]

Customs Notification No 35

Notification No.35/2022-Cus(N.T.) dated 26.04.2022 Balli a port in Goa has been added to the list of ports for handling import […]

Customs Notification No 39

View PDF file Notification No.39/2022-Cus(N.T.) dated 30.04.2022 Country of Origin Rules related to Indo-UAE CEPA announced.

Customs Instruction No 3

View PDF file Instruction No.3/2022-Cus dated 23.04.2022 National Risk Management Committee formed to review the existing the functioning of the […]

Customs Instruction No 4

View PDF file Instruction No.4/2022-Customs dated 27.04.2022 Non-compliance of IGCR while importing components for Oxygen related equipment under Notification no.28/2021 […]

Customs Notifications No 21

Notification No.21/2022-Cus dated 13.04.2022 Exemption from BCD and AIDC on import of raw cotton till 30.09.2022. View PDF file

Customs Notifications No 20

View PDF file Customs Notification No.20/2022-Cus dated 06.04.2022 Name of the laboratories/agencies authorized to grade and certify the imported cut […]

Customs Circular No 07

View PDF file Circular No.07/2022-Cus dated 31.03.2022 Changes in the Customs Act and Notifications related to appointment of Officers of […]

Customs Notification No 20

View PDF file Notification No.20/2022-Customs (N.T.) dated 30.03.2022 Customs (Electronic Cash Ledger)Regulations ,2022 announced.

Customs Notification No 19

View PDF file Notification No.19/2022-Customs (N.T.) dated 30.03.2022 Deposits specified which are exempted from provisions of operating through electronic cash […]

Customs Notification No 11 ADD

View PDF file Notification No.11/2022-Customs(ADD) dated 31.03.2022 Extension of ADD imposed on import of Jute Products imported from Bangladesh and […]

Customs Circular No 06

View PDF file Circular No.06/2022-Cus dated 17.03.2022 Information regarding Licensees, Lessee, Contractor involved in Petroleum Operations eligible for duty exemption […]

Customs Circular No. 05

View PDF file Circular No.05/2022-Cus dated 04.03.2022 Toolkit to be provided for Anti-evasion /Preventive Teams

Customs Circular No. 04

View PDF file Circular No.04/2022-Cus dated 27.02.2022 Implementation of automation in the IGCR,Rules 2017 w.e.f.01.03.2022

Customs Notification No 16

View PDF file Notification No.16/2022-Customs dated 12.02.2022 Concession of BCD and AIDC for edible oil extended from 31.03.2022 to 30.09.2022.

Customs Notification No. 11

View PDF file Notification No.11/2022-Customs(N.T.) dated 22.02.2022 Announcement of Shipping Bill (Post export conversion in relation to instrument based scheme) […]

Customs Notification No. 10 ADD

View PDF file Notification No.10/2022-Customs (ADD) dated 24.02.2022 Extension of ADD on import of Jute Products from Nepal/Bangladesh upto 30.06.2022.

Customs Notification No. 8

View PDF file Notification No.08/2022-Cus(ADD) dated 14.02.2022 Extension of ADD on imports of “Aluminium foil of thickness from 5.5 micron […]

Customs Notification No 7

View PDF file Notification No.07/2022-Customs (N.T.) dated 01.02.2022 Customs (Import of Goods at concessional rate of duty)Rules,2017 amended to make […]

Customs Instructions No 2

View PDF file Cirular No.2/2022-Customs dated 02.02.2022 FSSAI’s Instructions to Field officers to refer the samples of imported food items […]

Customs Notification No 04 ADD

View PDF file Notification No.04/2022-Cus(ADD) dated 24.01.2022 Levy of ADD on import of “Axles for Trailers” from China for 5 […]

Customs Notification No 03 ADD

View PDF file Notification No.03/2022-Cus(ADD) dated 24.01.2022 ADD on import of “PVC Flex Films” from China is withdrawn.

Customs Circular No 02

View PDF file Circular No.02/2022-Cus dated 19.01.2022 Alignment of AEO Circulars with CAROTAR 2020 relating to submission of Bank Guarantee […]

Customs Circular No 01

View PDF file Circular No.01/2022-Cus dated 18.01.2022 Extension of time for re-export of Containers carrying Liquid Medical Oxygen for combat […]