DGFT Public Notice No 05

View PDF file Public Notice No.05/2015-2020 dated 29.04.2022 List of authorized agencies allowed to issue COO (Preferential) under Indo-UAE CEPA […]

DGFT Trade Notice No 05

View PDF file Trade Notice No.05/2022-23 dated 29.04.2022 Electronic filing and issuance of Preferential COO under Indo-UAE CEPA from 01.05.2022

DGFT Trade Notice No 04

View PDF file Trade Notice No.04/2022-23 dated 27.04.2022 Extension of last date for electronic filing of COO (NP) through Common […]

DGFT Trade Notice No 03

View PDF file Trade Notice No.03/2022-23 dated 26.04.2022 New online module for filing application for recognition as PSIA.Electronic issuance of […]

DGFT Notification No 01

View PDF file Notification No.01/2015-2020 dated 29.04.2022 Import of ash containing precious metal and other waste and scrap of gold […]

DGFT Trade Notice No 02

View PDF file Trade Notice No.02/2022-23 dated 22.04.2022 DGFT Helpdesk support now available on 24x7 basis.

DGFT Public Notice No 4

View PDF file Public Notice No.4/2015-2020 dated 20.04.2022 The Online Applications will be considered for allocation of TRQ of items […]

DGFT Trade Notice No 01

View PDF file Trade Notice No.01/2022-23 Re-operationalization of Scrip transfer Recording Module .

DGFT Public Notice No 03

View PDF file Public Notice No.03/2015-2020 dated 13.04.2022 Amendments in EPCG Scheme to reduce compliance burden and enhance ease of […]

DGFT Notification No 66

View PDF file Notification No.66/2015-2020 dated 01.04.2022 Exemption of IGST & CC under AA,EPCG and EOU extended to 30.06.2022

DGFT Notification No 65

View PDF file Notification No.65/2015-2020 dated 01.04.2022 Import of Urea is allowed through Indian Potash Ltd. for further one more […]

DGFT Public Notice No 02

View PDF file Public Notice No.02/2015-2020 dated 07.04.2022 Ernakulam Chamber of Commerce has been amended as Kerala Chamber of Commerce […]

DGFT Public Notice No 01

View PDF file Public Notice No.01/2015-2020 dated 04.04.2022 Implementation of trace and track system on export of pharmaceuticals w.r.t. maintaining […]

DGFT Notification No 64

View PDF file Notification No.64/2015-2020 dated 31.03.2022 Validity of Foreign Trade Policy extended to 30.09.2022

DGFT Notification No 63

View PDF file Notification No.63/2015-2020 dated 29.03.2022 Import Policy of Urad and Tur is FREE upto 31.03.2023.

DGFT Public Notice No 53

View PDF file Public Notice No.53/2015-2020 dated 31.03.2022 Validity of Hand Book of Procedures extended to 30.09.2022

DGFT Notification No 62

View PDF file Notification No.62/2015-2020 dated 23.03.2022 Export Policy of Hydroflurocarbons is amended from FREE to Restricted.Export under export authorizations […]

DGFT Notification No 61

View PDF file Notification No.61/2015-2020 dated 23.03.2022 Export of Rice (Basmati and Non-Basmati)to remaining European Countries (other than U.K.,Switzerland,Norway and […]

DGFT Public Notice No 52

View PDF file Public Notice No.52/2015-2020 dated 24.03.2022 Amendment in the Appendix 2 T giving effect to change in the […]

DGFT Public Notice No 51

View PDF file Public Notice No.51/2015-2020 dated 23.03.2022 The timelines for installation of Radiation Portal Monitors and Container Scanners in […]

DGFT Public Notice No 50

View PDF file Public Notice No.50/2015-2020 dated 13.03.2022 ANF-4F (application for redemption of AAs) amended to allow FIRC in case […]

DGFT Public Notice No 49

View PDF file Public Notice No.49/2015-2020 dated 14.03.2022 Mewar Chamber Of Commerce added to Appendix 2E .( Authorized Agencies for […]

DGFT Trade Notice No 38

Trade Notice No.38/2021-2022 dated 15.03.2022 Operationalisation of new online IT Module for Interest Equalisation Scheme w.e.f.01.04.2022 View PDF file

DGFT Notification No 60

View PDF file Notification No.60/2015-2020 dated 09.03.2022 Date of exports of Rice (Basmati and Non-Basmati) to certain European Countries extended […]

DGFT Notification No 59

View PDF file Notification No.59/2015-2020 dated 09.03.2022 Import of hydroflurocarbons are permitted with an import authorization subject to recommendation from […]

DGFT Notification No 58

View PDF file Notification No.58/2015-2020 dated 07.03.2022 Last date for making applications for MEIS Scrips (Exports during 01.04.2020 to 31.12.2020),RoSCTL,RoSL,2DITIONAL […]

DGFT Notification No 57

View PDF file Notification No.57/2015-2020 dated 07.03.2022 Import of Drosophila melanogaster (Fruit fly) (ITC HS 01069000) is made FREE subject […]

DGFT Trade Notice No 37

View PDF file Trade Notice No.37/2021-2022 dated 28.02.2022 Relaxation to importers of Moong who have made advance payment before 11.02.2022.(Import […]

DGFT Trade Notice No 36

View PDF file Trade Notice No.36/2021-2022 dated 25.02.2022 DGFT helpdesk for Russia –Ukraine related International Trade Issued operationalised.

DGFT Notification No 56

View PDF file Notification No.56/2015-2020 dated 24.02.2022 Export Policy of Remdisivir Inj and API ,Amphotericin Inj,Enoxparin (Formulation and API) and […]

DGFT Notification No 55

View PDF file Notification No.55/2015-2020 dated 24.02.2022 Import Policy of Liquid Crystal and OLEDs amended to FREE with immediate effect.

DGFT Notification No 54

View PDF file DGFT Notification No 54 ITC(HS)2022 Schedule –I (Import Policy )is notified in sync with the Finance Act,2021.Import […]

DGFT Public Notice No 48

View PDF file Public Notice No.48/2015-2020 dated 10.02.2022 Procedure for allocation of quota ,for year 2022-23 for import of Calcined […]

DGFT Trade Notice No 35

View PDF file Trade Notice No.35/2021-2022 dated 24.02.2022 Mandatory filing/issuance of RCMC/RC through Common digital platform from 01.04.2022.

DGFT Trade Notice No 34

View PDF file Trade Notice no.34/2021-22 dated 15.04.2022 Online module introduced for application of Replenishment Authorization for Gems and Consumables […]

DGFT Notification No 53

View PDF file Notification No.53/2015-2020 dated 01.02.2022 The last date for submitting applications under MEIS,SEIS,ROSCTL,ROSL and 2% additional ad-hoc incentive […]

DGFT Notification No 52

View PDF file Notification No.52/2015-2020 dated 31.01.2022 Export Policy of Syringes with or without needles are amended from restricted to […]

DGFT Notifications No 51

View PDF file Notification No.51/2015-2020 dated 25.01.2022 Export of human hair is restricted with immediate effect.

DGFT Trade Notice No 33

View PDF file Trade Notice No.33/2021-2022 dated 27.01.2022 Last date for filing e-TRQ Applications for Items under Para 2.107 HBP […]

DGFT Trade Notice No 32

View PDF file Trade Notice No.32/2021-2022 dated 25.01.2022 Extension of date for Mandatory electronic filing of Non-Preferential CoO through common […]

DGFT Public Notice No 47

View PDF file Public Notice No.47/2015-2020 dated 18.01.2022 USA has been included as area of operation Of M/S Hamilton Logistics […]

DGFT Policy Circular No 38

View PDF file Policy Circular No.38/2015-2020 dated 19.01.2020 Clarified that SIMS not applicable where Steel items are re-imported for packaging […]

DGFT Notification No 50

View PDF file Notification No.50/2015-2020 dated 10.01.2022 Import of Enoxaparin (Formulation and API) and Intra Venous Immunoglobulin (Formulation and API) […]

DGFT Public Notice No 46

View PDF file Public Notice No.46/2015-2020 dated 14.01.2022 Import of metallic waste/scrap from 6 safe countries without PSIC is now […]

DGFT Public Notice No 45

View PDF file Public Notice No.45/2015-2020 dated 13.01.2022 The procedure for the grant of General Authorisation for Export of Chemicals […]

DGFT Trade Notice No 31

View PDF file Trade Notice No.31/2020-2021 dated 14.01.2022 Deactivation of IECs with effect from 01/02/2022 for those not updated at […]

DGFT Trade Notice No 30

View PDF file Trade Notice No.30/2020-2021 dated 13.01.2022 Guidelines for submission of online application for Onetime registration for SCOMET license […]

DGFT Notification No 49

View PDF file Notification No.49/2015-2020 dated 05.01.2022 Import of gold under specified ITC (HS) codes will be also allowed for […]

DGFT Notification No 48

View PDF file Notification No.48/2015-2020 dated 31.12.2021 The last date of submitting applications under MEIS,SEIS,ROSCTL,ROSL,2% additional ad hoc incentive from […]

DGFT Public Notice No 44

View PDF file Public Notice No.44/2015-2020 dated 05.01.2022 Composition of Standing Grievance Committee amended to include Customs/GST Authorities/Banks etc.