DGFT-Trade Notice No.17

Trade Notice No.17/2022-23 dated 28.09.2022 Problems faced by the rice exporters where content of broken rice (now prohibited)was found ,field […]

DGFT-Public Notice No.27

Public Notice No.27/2015-2020 dated 29.09.2022 Time limit to file annual returns of fulfillment of EO under EPCG for the year […]

DGFT-Public Notice No.26

Public Notice No.26/2015-2020 dated 29.09.2022 Validity of existing Hand Book Of Procedures extended upto 31.03.2023 View PDF file

DGFT-Public Notice No.25

Public Notice No.25/2015-2020 dated 28.09.2022 Procedure for application/Issuance of Registration Certificate for import of Areca nuts from Bhutan without Mininum […]

DGFT-Notification No.37

Notification No.37/2015-2020 dated 29.09.2022 FTP extended for further six months ,upto 31.03.2023. View PDF file

DGFT-Notification No.36

Notification No.36/2015-2020 dated 28.09.2022 Import quota of Areca nuts for 17000 Tons per annum announced with out Minimum Import Price […]

DGFT-Notification No.35

Notification No.35/2015-2020 dated 27.09.2022 Extension of period of exports of broken rice from 30.09.2022 to 15.10.2022 (Notification No.34 dated 20.09.2022) […]

DGFT-Notification No .34

Notification No .34/2015-2020 dated 20.09.2022 Export period of broken rice extended from 15.09.2022(as mentioned in Notification No.31/2015-2020 dated 08.09.2022) to […]

DGFT-Notification No.32

Notification No.32/2015-2020 dated 14.09.2022 Import Policy of PET Flakes amended from Prohibited to Restricted requiring NOC from MOEF&CC and an […]

DGFT-Notification No.31

Notification No.31/2015-2020 dated 08.09.2022 Export Policy of “Broken Rice” amended from FREE to PROHIBITED with immediate effect without transitional provision. […]

DGFT-Corrigendum dated 12.09.2022

Corrigendum dated 12.09.2022 Deemed Exporters to EOU/EHTP/STP/BTP for proof at the time of redemption are required to follow the procedure […]

DGFT-Public Notice No.24

Public Notice No.24/2015-2020 dated 12.09.2022 All the allottees of TRQ (Crude Soyabean oil and Crude sunflower oil) required to inform […]

DGFT-Public Notice No.31

Public Notice No.31/2015-2020 dated 08.09.2022 Export Policy of Broken rice amended from FREE to Prohibited w.e.f.09.09.2022.However,upto 15th,shipments already loaded loaded […]

DGFT-Trade Notice No.16

Trade Notice No.16/2022-23 dated 06.09.2022 Extension of time upto 30.09.2022 granted for uploading of eBRCs for Shipping Bills (upto 31/12/2020)for […]

DGFT-Public Notice dated 30.08.2022

Public Notice dated 30.08.2022 Government is proposing to amend the Export policy of Drones capable of range equal to or […]

DGFT-Public Notice No.23

Public Notice No.23/2015-2020 dated 29.08.2022 Additional information to be mentioned in the TRQ for import of Gold (7108) issued under […]

DGFT-Notification No.30

Notification No.30/2015-2020 dated 27.08.2022 Wheat or Meslin Flour (Atta), Maida, Samolina Rava/ Sirgi), Wholemeal atta and resultant atta are prohibited […]

DGFT-Notification No.29

Notification No.29/2015-2020 dated 27.08.2022 Wheat /Meslin flour was exempted from any export restriction/ban.Now this exemption is withdrawn. View PDF file

DGFT-Notification No.28

Notification No.28/2015-2020 dated 25.08.2022 Import policy of artemia cysts (05119140) amended from restricted to Free. View PDF file

DGFT-Notification No. 27

Notification No. 27/201502020 dated 17.08.2020 Date of compliance certificate of inspection from Export Inspection Council/Agencies extended from 01.07.2022 to 01.1.2023 […]

DGFT-Notification No.26

Notification No.26/2015-2020 dated 10.08.2022 Application for registration under Non-Ferrous Metal Import Monitoring System can be made before the arrival of […]

DGFT-Notification No.25

Notification No.25/2015-2020 dated 08.08.2022 Export Policy of Maida,Samolina (Rava /Sirgi) amended from FREE to “Subject to recommendation from IMC” with […]

DGFT-Trade Notice No.15

Trade Notice No.15/2022-23 dated 01.08.2022 Extension of dates for mandatory filing of non-preferential CoO to 31.03.2023. View PDF file

DGFT-Public Notice No.21

Public Notice No.21/2015-2020 dated 05.08.2022 Extension of validity of Status Holder Certificates issued during 2015-16 and 2016-17 upto 30.09.2022 View […]

DGFT-Public Notice No.20

Public Notice No.20/2015-2020 dated 01.08.2022 Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council is enlisted to issue CoO (NP). View PDF file

DGFT-Notification No.24

Notification No.24/2015-2020 dated 04.08.2022 The requirement of BIS Certification for import of Hexanes Food grade is removed. View PDF file

DGFT-Notification No.23

Notification No.23/2015-2020 dated 01.08.2022 NOC from Narcotics Commissioner not required for import of Malonylurea (Barbituric Acid). View PDF file

DGFT-Policy Circular No.43

Policy Circular No.43/2015-2020 dated 27.07.2022 Relaxation to supplies to SEZ under EPCG for DTA Units before 01.04.2015,non-requirement of submission of […]

DGFT-Policy Circular No.42

Policy Circular No.42/2015-2020 dated 27.07.2022 Clarification issued on Non-Ferrous Metals Import Monitoring System. View PDF file

DGFT-Public Notice No.19

Public Notice No.19/2015-2020 dated 27.07.2022 Suspension of SION Norms C-594,C-791 to C-796 and C-831 with immediate effect. View PDF file

DGFT-Trade Notice No.14

Trade Notice No.14/2015-20 dated 18.07.2022 Procedure for submitting applications for getting recommendations from Inter Ministerial Committee for export of wheat […]

DGFT-Public Notice No.18

Public Notice No.18/2015-2020 dated 19.07.2022 Change in name of authorized agency for issuing Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential) Appendix 2E View […]

DGFT-Public Notice No.17

Public Notice No.17/2015-2020 dated 18.07.2022 Online Procedures laid down for import of Tur/urad dal and pigeon peas from Myanmar/Malawi/Mozambique under […]

DGFT-Notification No.22

Notification No.22/2015-2020 dated 20.07.2022 Import of human embryo prohibited. View PDF file

DGFT-Notification No.21

Notification No.21/2015-2020 dated 08.07.2022 Nomination of 29 non-official members to Board of Trade. View PDF file

DGFT-Policy Circular No.41

Policy Circular No.41/2015-2020 dated 05.07.2022 Clarification issued under Paper Import Monitoring System-DTA when importing Paper from SEZ/FTWZ/EOU which has undergone […]

DGFT-Notification No.20

Notification No.20/2015-2020 dated 07.07.2022 ITC(HS)2022 Schedule-I Import Policy is amended in sync with the Finance Act,2022 View PDF file

DGFT-Notification No.19

View PDF file Notification No.19/2015-2020 dated 07.07.2022 Now ,under Steel Import Monitoring System ,an importer can register till the date […]

DGFT-Notification No.18

View PDF file Notification No.18/2015-2020 dated 06.07.2022 Export of wheat flour is free subject to recommendation from IMC (Inter Ministerial […]

DGFT-Notification No.17

View PDF file Notification No.17/2015-2020 dated 04.07.2022 Import of potatoes from Bhutan is allowed without import licence upto 30.06.2023.

DGFT Public Notice No.16

Public Notice No.16/2015-2020 dated 24.06.2022 Amendments made to Appendix 2G,List of PSIAs. View PDF file

DGFT Notification No.13

Notification No.13/2015-2020 dated 21.06.2022 Import of water melon seeds are amended from Restricted to FREE till 30.09.2022 .To be imported […]

DGFT Policy Circular No.40

View PDF file Policy Circular No.40/2022-23 dated 27.06.2022 Responses given to clarifications to importers regarding Chip Import Monitoring System.

DGFT Notification No.15

View PDF file Notification No.15/2015-2020 dated 01.07.2022 Last date for making MEIS Application for exports made during 01.09.2020 to 31.12.2020 […]

DGFT Notification No.16

Notification No.16/2015-2020 dated 01.07.2022 View PDF file Notification No.16/2015-2020 dated 01.07.2022 Exemption of IGST and Compensation Cess under AA,EPCG ,EOU […]

DGFT Notification No.14

View PDF file Notification No.14/2015-2020 dated 30.06.2022 Export policy of Petrol amended from FREE to FREE with a condition that […]

DGFT Public Notice No 14

View PDF file Public Notice Number 14/2015-2020 dated 13.06.2022. Amendment to procedures related to Global Authorization for Intra-Company transfer (GAICT) […]

DGFT Policy Circular No 39

View PDF file Policy Circular No.39/2015-2020 dated 07.06.2022 Relaxation to DTA exporters under AA to SEZ for their Supplies till […]

DGFT Public Notice No 12

View PDF file Public Notice No.12/2015-2020 dated 09.06.2020 2 more agencies added to the list of PSIAs to Appendix 2G.

DGFT Public Notice No 13

View PDF file Public Notice No.13/2015-2020 dated 09.06.2022 Compliance burden reduced to EPCG Exporters by extending the last date of […]