Subsidy from Central and State Government

The Government of India and All state government within India are always watching the situation of trade, it’s Export , Import, local utilisation of commodities.

When the Govt. notices continuance of  shortfalls in  production, or decline in Exports,  and / or the trade representations pointing out  to the deficiencies in framed policies, the government take positive   actions to rectify the trade requirements by  way of improving the possibilities of helping the trade to enhance their business or uplift the loss making industries to make good the trade to function and increase the production  or expansion of industry, to meet national needs and even supplies to the  supplies of products World Over.

In such cases the  the government announced the Subsidy, with some  conditions to be fullfilled to avail the subsidy benefits.

To this effect necessary government notification are issued to make it known by trade as well as general public to enable them to create new business by compying the conditions of the notification.

Currently the subsidy in existence from Central Govt. Is pertaining to:
  • “”Food Processing  Industry””under the name as ..Sampada – scheme for Agro-Marine Processing and Development of Agro-processing Clusters….
  • “”Integrated Development and Management of Fisheries, under the name of ”””Blue Revolution”””” valid till 2019-2020.
Mainly to  avail the subsidy full project reports are to be prepared  by the applicant and submitted to concern  Ministerial authorities who have issued notification.


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